Skoolies (or schoolie) are school buses converted into recreational vehicles. Midwest Transit has hundreds of used school buses in every make, model and size for sale that would make a great skoolie.

Most school bus conversions are never finished because the architect keeps coming up with new ways to transform these school buses into beautiful skoolies. 

Buying a used school bus can give you a blank canvas, and you can design every detail of your new home.  These Skoolies can be totally customized, cozy buses converted into compact rolling homes or tiny homes.

Older used school buses and city buses may not look like much at first, but creative do-it-yourselfers transform them into comfortable living spaces complete with wood floors, transforming furniture, wood stoves and full bathrooms with hot showers. Some also include a bed system that unfolds in various ways for different sleeping configurations, lots of hidden storage, and seats that flip up and slide out panels.  There are 1,001 ways to configure your Skookie.

A couple looking to get out of debt and live a simple lifestyle can purchase a used school bus for a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the condition of the used bus.  The end result can be a comfy, cozy, modest home that enables the couple to live rent-free. 

Is your dream to travel the open road in a beautiful skoolie bus renovation? You’re not alone. Many adventurous DIY-ers have turned their wanderlust fantasy into reality by purchasing a used bus from Midwest Transit Equipment. From a groovy guest home to the ultimate road-tripping machine, look at the most beautiful, versatile, and affordable portable homes perfect for taking you anywhere your heart desires throughout the USA. 

Midwest Transit offers the skoolie community hundreds of used buses each and every year. We currently have 1,000+ used buses; of every make, model, and size of bus that
  you can transform into your own project. 

We also supply the skoolie community with 8 million dollar parts inventory when you need bus parts to keep your skoolie up and running during your travels.

Customize and design your own skoolie with a used bus for sale from Midwest Transit Equipment!

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Services offered

  • Complete and thorough inspections
  • Removal of all seating
  • Complete paint schemes 
  • Tire replacement when needed
  • Chrome simulators for tire rims

Starting conversion costs include

  • A mechanical inspection of major components (with estimate to fix items found)
  • 1 flat paint color scheme (additional colors or designs are extra)
  • The removal of seating is extra

Things to know about conversion school buses

  • Transporting buses without a conversion completed without a CDL Operator license is prohibited in most states.
  • Most states will require the bus to be pre-inspected prior to receiving an RV plate/registration.  Be sure to check with your county/state for what is required.
  • The bus is rarely required to go through weigh stations.
  • After conversion, if your bus is still showing more than 14 passengers and the driver, you will be required to have a CDL.  So to avoid this, you should remove all seats to get under the total seating capacity of 14.
  • An RV is not required to have a D.O.T or annual inspection.

Getting started

  • First, determine total budget.
  • Second, establish how much time you will spend at home with your own conversions.
  • Third, have insurance coverage lined up
  • Fourth, establish the paint schemes and lettering 
  • Fifth, where the bus will be parked once home
  • Sixth, who is going to inspect the bus to register as an RV  
  • Completion times may vary, some conversions can take + 21 days to complete.
  • We require all paint costs paid upfront- not refundable once we begin.
  • We will provide all the necessary paperwork for you to register in your state.
  • If within Illinois, please check with your salesman regarding us handling these fees at our Kankakee IL office.

Your bus, your designs

We will start with a yellow bus and turn it into a work of art! There are unlimited paint schemes we can offer.

  • You can draw from four different price points.
  • Each conversion offers its own benefits.
  • Each conversion is different so ask our sales team which one suits your needs best.

Please note

  • None of our yellow buses have been checked, pre-inspected or already converted. 
  • We do not supply cabinetry, generator installations, a/c installs or rooftop units, or showers/bathrooms.
  • We can supply parts we carry within our school bus parts inventory.
  • Our conversion services may take 4-6 weeks or more to complete.

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