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We've Got Brake Parts!

When it comes to owning and operating your own bus, there’s only one place to go for bus parts for sale in Kansas: Midwest Transit. We’ve been in the business of busses for 40 years now and have intimate experience with exactly what each and every make, model, and year needs. We’ve got 8 million dollars’ worth of inventory in our parts department just for your benefit – so come on by!

Whether you know exactly what you need or require some advice, our well-trained staff can answer any questions you have day or night. We have convenient day hours but, if you happen to think about it after hours, no worries! We have an online chat function that operates 24/7. On this same page, you can also check out our parts specials – we’re always promoting great deals on brand name parts, such as Cummins, Meritor, and Fleetrite. You can find these on either our Monthly Flyer or MyEdge Flyer.

From reflector warning triangles to Z-rated performance friction brake pads, you can be sure that Midwest Transit has the bus parts for sale in Kansas that you need. Checking your brakes should be second-nature for you, and knowing what to look for is important. Squealing or grinding are pretty unanimous signals that your brakes may not be functioning properly, it means that there’s possibly some metal-on-metal friction, so take a look at those pads and see how much wear they have. Cracks should be no deeper than 1/16 of an inch or longer than one and half inches and make sure that no fasteners are visible. If it’s time to switch them up, hop onto the Midwest Transit website. You can order parts and have them ready to be picked up, discuss the issue with our knowledgeable staff, or set up a service appointment if you’d like a second opinion. Whatever you need, we’re here.

 Squealing and grinding are the most obvious signs, but did you know that if your bus is pulling one way or the other it could mean that one brake is wearing away quicker than the other? Or that one of your wheel cylinders or calipers is failing? There’s a lot that goes into a functioning set of brakes, so make sure you’re visually inspecting each and every part. If you’d like to get some more training to take care of your bus, we’ve got a great option for you there, too: Midwest Transit University. Learn all about how to service your own bus, and then get the parts from us!

Most people think of Midwest Transit when they’re looking to purchase a new or pre-owned bus – but we do so much more than that. We’re there from the purchase through the maintenance and onwards. When you’re looking for bus parts in Kansas, we’re here to assist you in all of your needs. When you think bus, think us!



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