MV-1 SE for Sale in Illinois

A Mobilty Vehicle Like No Other 

When you are in the market for a wheelchair or power chair accessible vehicle, you want accessibility, safety, and maneuverability. Choose the 2016 MV-1 SE for sale in Illinois, and you can all that and more. This vehicle combines the features you need to transport with ease in a stylish exterior design that will look great in your driveway. At Midwest Transit, we are an authorized MV-1 dealer, visit us for more information today! 

Just because your vehicle serves accessibility purposes doesn't mean it has to be industrial looking. Your MV-1 SE features smooth curves and a narrow front end that is modeled after smaller vans. Choose from four different colors, including a bright red, to add even more exterior appeal. This is one mobility vehicle that will offers style and function.

Part of the revolutionary MV-1 family, it is one of the only mobility vehicles out there created specifically for wheelchair or power chair use. Instead changing of the structure and lowering the floor of an existing vehicle, which causes serious clearance issues, or adding a dropped suspension that will lead to costly repairs, the MV-1 designers built a van from scratch. Why deal with the hassle of driving a vehicle that was stretched to go from inaccessible to accessible when you can drive one that was created with your needs in mind? Every MV-1 has passed stringent safety testing mandated by the Federal Government, so you can know your vehicle has convenience you can trust. 

The MV-1 SE for sale in Illinois want to give you and your loved one freedom to hit the open road. Wheel chairs, power chairs, big or small, are no trouble for the MV-1 SE with an extra wide entry, and a single-stage manual ramp that make it easy to get in and out of the van. To make things easier on you, the driver, it also features a four-wheel anti-lock braking system, traction control system with electronic stability control, and a self-leveling suspension system. If you are new to driving a mobility vehicle, or simply want one that is easier to control, the MV-1 SE is for you.

Safety is a key priority for any vehicle purchase, and you will get peace of mind overtime you start the MV-1 SE. Part of the signature MV-1 design, the ramp is covered in anti-slip surfaces, especially useful during rain or snow, and also meets ADA/CAS guidelines. Every seat includes 3-point safety belts so you and all your passengers will be safely secured.   

When you need a mobility vehicle that is easy to drive and offers unmatched safety and storage, choose the MV-1 SE for sale in Illinois. Your family and loved ones come first, so get the van that was created with their needs in mind. Visit Midwest Transit to see all the places you can go in a MV-1 SE. 

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