Hotel and Motel Shuttle Buses for Sale in Indianapolis, IN

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While in the market for your next hotel or motel bus, there are a number of things to take into consideration, which is what Midwest Transit Equipment was trained to assist in. With an impeccable customer service team and impressive inventory, the people and support at Midwest Transit is an experience you’ll want to see for yourself. Our location at 4500 S. Indianapolis Rd. should be your next destination for hotel and motel shuttle buses for sale in Indianapolis, IN.

Entertaining guests at your house takes a days’ worth of work and dedication – but entertaining guests at a hotel or motel takes nonstop hospitality and dedication to providing the best experience. At Midwest Transit, they provide an ample amount of options for bus necessities that are sure to win your guests over. With seating capacities ranging from 13-50, any type of group or party can be accommodated.

Finding your next hotel or motel bus doesn’t have to be hard – a great place to check out is our online inventory, with the ability to filter through certain makes, models, prices, styles, and fuel types. Our buses also come with a wide-range of characteristics, such as all-black interior on certain models, aisle-side armrests, and various monitors under the overhead storage units designed to keep your passengers comfortable and entertained.

Midwest Transit proves to be your next stop for hotel and motel shuttle buses for sale in Indianapolis, IN. We’re more than just a bus dealership; we come equipped with a full Service Team prepared to help with whatever problems that may arise with your vehicle. We even maintain a 5 million dollar parts inventory that guarantees you satisfactory service when you stop by. If you can’t make it in right away, utilize our Ask a Tech tool on our site that allows you to inquire about a certain problem or issue you may have with the press of a few keys.

Here at Midwest Transit, we offer consistent specials on vehicles, parts, and services all designed to give you a satisfying purchase. We also provide finance help through the available Finance Application that assists in your hotel or motel bus purchase. Buying a bus just got a whole lot easier.

With 39 years of excellence under our belts, we know how to help and where to start. Visit Midwest Transit today, located at 4500 S. Indianapolis Rd., to take a look at the numerous options of hotel and motel shuttle buses for sale in Indianapolis, IN. best-suited for your establishments’ needs.

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